Burlington Digital

a division of the Burlington Group

The Burlington Group has over 35 years of experience publishing English Language Teaching materials. It is one of the world’s leading ELT publishers and specializes in market-specific publications. The Group is comprised of international research and development centres, as well as global marketing, warehousing and distribution facilities. Millions of students study English from Burlington’s market-leading coursebooks, multimedia programs, and speech-training software. Tens of thousands of teachers have successfully taught using Burlington’s ELT materials.

This website showcases digital ELT materials suitable for all ages, both for teacher-led and independent student study. The materials have been developed by experienced English teachers and curriculum experts and include a large selection of ESP courses. For secondary and adult students, the courses include the unique BurlingtonEnglish SpeechTrainer, which analyzes the student’s speech and offers individualized pronunciation courses. The SpeechTrainer adapts to the student’s native tongue, supporting over 40 different languages.


General features for the student:

  • Intuitive navigation designed for independent practice and learning
  • Media rich, engaging and colorful
  • Activity types addressing all four skills
  • Integrated workbooks
  • Video and animation with karaoke
  • Animated grammar and spelling rules
  • Self-checking and evaluation
  • Multiple extra practice options

Note: Not all products contain all features.

* Burlington’s hybrid software runs even when the internet connection drops. Classes can continue seamlessly even in problematic network situations.


General features for the teacher:

  • Comprehensive interactive presentation tool suitable for smartboards and standard projectors and screens
  • Well organized and user friendly
  • CEFR correlated
  • Animated letter formation and virtual flashcards for younger learners
  • Embedded Whiteboard Tools to personalize and enhance teaching:  Pen, Highlighter, Spotlight, Timer, Eraser
  • External media link creator
  • Authentic communication and culture videos
  • Integrated slide shows and web links
  • Incorporated audio and narration of texts
  • Show or hide answers
  • Show justifications
  • Show audio tapescripts
  • Vocabulary presentation and dictation activities
  • Animated grammar presentations
  • Engaging team games

Note: Not all products contain all features.