Blended Language Learning Program

Core • Supplementary • Distance

  • General English curriculum
  • Multiple levels and simple structure
  • CEFR and CASAS correlated
  • Supports all four language skills
  • Personalized feedback and remediation in pronunciation and accent reduction
  • Continuous assessment reported to LMS
  • Downloadable print materials for in-class lessons
  • Unlimited vocabulary, spelling and pronunciation practice through games, puzzles and activities
  • Interactive in-class lessons for frontal teaching


The Everyday English series provides students with a strong basis in general English, with hundreds of hours of learning in each course. Our blended learning approach provides online modules and face-to-face classroom lessons. Online modules provide English-language building blocks for comprehensive training in all four language skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. The downloadable print materials for in-class lessons focus on communication, guided writing and additional grammar practice, aspects of learning best facilitated by the teacher.


Developed especially for adult learners, English in America  includes a wide range of topic-based modules with a strong civics focus. English in America  is available for different levels of proficiency, from low beginning ESL to advanced ESL. These innovative, flexible learning materials reflect an integrated blended learning methodology.


Burlington Career Pathways provides students with the English language skills required to explore career options, gain the skills necessary to succeed in the workplace, learn about educational and training opportunities and develop digital literacy skills.


BurlingtonEnglish Career Courses can be used by students in training for specific professions, people currently working in those fields, or by those interested in exploring the world of a specific profession.
The Series A Career Courses all follow the same structure and cover the same soft skills syllabus – only the career-related vocabulary changes from course to course. This means that you can teach multiple Career Courses simultaneously and help your students acquire the English that they need for their specific careers.


BurlingtonEnglish Career Courses can be used by students in training for specific professions, people currently working in those fields, or by those interested in exploring the world of a specific profession.
The Series B Career Courses offer extensive in-depth exploration of a wide range of professions to help your students gain confidence and acquire the English that they need to succeed in their chosen careers.


The Career Wordlists include hundreds of words and phrases specific to each career, plus example sentences for each word. Accompanying activities provide extensive specialized vocabulary and pronunciation practice to help your students gain confidence and internalize the language necessary for them to successfully move forward on their individual career paths.

Cutting Edge Speech-Processing Technology

All BurlingtonEnglish courses feature the BurlingtonEnglish SpeechTrainer®.

This highly advanced speech-processing technology was developed by Burlington specifically for language learning.

The SpeechTrainer analyzes students’ spoken English at phoneme level, and corrects mispronunciations through individualized training – all in real time. Students effectively improve their pronunciation and comprehensibility, and acquire the confidence needed to successfully communicate in English.

In creating the SpeechTrainer, BurlingtonEnglish collected and analyzed millions of recordings of native speakers of many different languages, enabling its software to adapt to a wide variety of accents and to discern specific difficulties based on each student’s native tongue.

Now supporting over 40 languages, including:

  • Arabic
  • Japanese
  • Spanish
  • Bengali
  • Korean
  • Tamil
  • Chinese
  • Malay
  • Greek
  • Portuguese
  • Vietnamese
  • Telugu
  • French
  • Marathi
  • Thai
  • German
  • Polish
  • Urdu
  • Hindi
  • Romanian
  • Italian
  • Sinhala

Key Features

  • Proprietary technology.
  • Highly accurate sound recognition which allows detection of even the slightest deviations from native English target sounds.
  • Immediate feedback on pronunciation and intelligibility, employing syllable and word prominence.
  • Statistical analysis and categorization of errors provide valuable and accurate pedagogical feedback on frequent pronunciation difficulties and practical guidance on how to correct them.

Flexible, Motivating, and Easy to Use!

BurlingtonEnglish offers a dynamic personalized interface for the student, teacher and administrator. Institutions can control their students’ access and monitor their progress to ensure appropriate and informed instruction. Detailed and varied reports fit any administrator’s or teacher’s individual needs.

Administration Zone

Offers administrators:

  • Data analysis
  • Performance overviews
  • Student / Teacher / Class management tools

Teacher’s Zone

Offers teachers:

  • Curriculum guides
  • Face-to-Face worksheets
  • Teacher’s notes and answer keys
  • Student progress reporting
  • Student management tools

Student’s Zone

Offers students:

  • 24/7 access to learning via the internet
  • Mac and PC compatability
  • Flexible pacing
  • Digital readers
  • Video tutorials